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2023 Junteenth Celebration

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

🌽🥦🥕 Southside F

ood Co-op is a community-driven organization that prioritizes local, sustainable, and nutritious food for everyone. We hosted our 1st Juneteenth Celebration at ChiFresh Kitchen.

We served 150+ throughout the day.

🏬 And here's the BIG news: We are taking a giant leap forward by opening a Micro grocery store later this year! 🙌 Imagine, a place where every item on the shelf reflects our shared values, fostering stronger connections between consumers and producers, and promoting healthy eating.

💚 With our focus on sourcing from local farmers and artisans, we'll be ensuring that every purchase supports our local economy. And above all, we will help to create a food system that is good for the planet and good for our bodies.

👥 Together, we can build a better food future. Thank you, Southside Food Co-op community, for this opportunity! Let's make our micro grocery store a shining example of sustainable, community-led retail.

👉 Stay tuned for more updates about our store. Let's grow together!

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