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What's The Mission? 


What's The Target?

  • Our initial capital campaign is set at $2.5 Million dollars.

How can you Help?

  • Your member investment brings us closer to that goal.


Why Become A Member/Owner?

  • Most of the Southside of Chicago is considered a designated food desert. In forming SSFC, this allows us to change this fact. The co-op model is one that not only creates jobs for its members, but it uplifts the whole community rather than a few reaping all of the major profits and benefits.

What are we doing about it?

By coming together as a collective we as a community (member/owners) can bring the full vision of SSFC into a reality. Ujamaa Economics - Ujamaa (Cooperative Economics) to build and maintain our own stores, shops and other businesses and to profit from them together. 

How Does Joining Work?

Purchase a share at $100 - a one-time fee, that’s right there’s no annual recurrences


What You’ll Reap As A Member/Owner?

Owner Benefits​

  1. As an owner, you’ll have a vote for the Board of Directors. You’ll have a voice

  2. Owners are encouraged to get involved, have a talent or specialty that will help us grow, become a board member, etc.

  3. Owner Discounts

  4. Our owners will receive exclusive invitation to owner-only events, workshops, and tasting events

Owner Discounts

  1. Receive coupons worth $25 upon store opening

  2. Owner appreciation days

  3. Shop owner bonus buys

  4. Pre-order by the case at a discount

  5. And more

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