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Being An Owner Matters

Our first 300 Owners will be our Gold Founding Members.

By becoming an Owner of the Southside Food Co-op, your $100 contribution is helping us reach our goal of opening a grocery store on the southside of Chicago, owned by the people and for the people. The more Owners we obtain from our community, the more access we obtain to the government and private funding that it will take to reach our goals.

The food co-op grocery store is only our first initial goal. In time, we plan to venture into farmland and housing cooperatives as well.

Becoming an Owner will give you equity and a vote in the co-op.


Benefits of Membership:

Welcome packet



SSFC Member/Owner

Special invites to owner's events

Special raffle for the first 300 gold founding members

Senior Days/Senior Hours

Owner Appreciation Days


OUR GOLD FOUNDING MEMBERS will be automatically entered into the SSFC special founding member raffle.


Your $100 contribution brings us closer to that goal of opening our first location at 400 E 71st -(71st & King Drive) We have been invited to share space with ChiFresh Kitchen.

are currently applying investors. Thank you again for being a part of something great! Southside Food Co-op Board!

Being a member/owner matters

Become a member/owner now


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